Urban acupuncture

It is possible to change the way we use certain urban areas with modest yet accurate modification. Sometimes the newest, freshly renovated plaza or park is avoided by people because it’s architects misjudged the real needs of the community. This project is about interfering one those places. p7012147

At the right bank of Warsaw city right in the middle city square you can spot an absurd view. Three wide concrete steps that leads to an empty platform, all fenced with low barriers. This blank space is passed by a hundreds every day. It’s an empty pedestal left after what used to be the district’s symbol - monument of brotherhood of arms.

Demonta¿ pomnika "Czterech Œpi¹cych"

Removed with political decision, it left a hole in urban tissue. The statue was meant to commemorate the common victory of the Polish and the Soviet army. It was the first monument funded in post-war Warsaw. Over the 60 years, it has gained many new meanings and contexts. It became the district’s mark, characteristic point and a meeting place, overgrown with people’s memories. You can tell the importance for the Prague’s inhabitants by a series of arbitrary action that took place on the empty pedestal.


After recognizing the situation I decided to design a tool that will allow Varsovians to gain impact of shaping this place, although in the digital form. I divided the space of interference for five hundred and twelve equal blocks. I’ve picked a set of basic shapes and colors that can be arranged into new forms.


Śródmieście PRAGA.00_04_09_12.Still023

Principal of the application visualised

Śródmieście PRAGA.00_04_25_01.Still026Śródmieście PRAGA.00_04_41_21.Still029Śródmieście PRAGA.00_05_52_21.Still039

screenshot of the aplication's prototype running on the ipad

Śródmieście PRAGA.00_05_28_17.Still035