Contemporary tool and jewlery


The project begin with reflection about plastic, which is very common, precious, yet treated as junk, and threw away. But plastic is very beautiful and colourful  material. I imagine that other people would also admire it, if they knew they can control the shape of it.  I wanted to design the tool needed to put it into new shape. So they can treat it as something beautiful, they want to keep. As plastomers some types of plastic can be easily re-shaped to plenty different forms. The easiest to control among them are HDPE and LDPE, plastics commonly used by industry, ABS and PLA used in furniture, electronics and also as filament in 3D printing.


During prototyping I decided that the best and the simplest way to apply the needed energy is to use kitchen stove, most of us have at home. That way the tool's design can be very simple and doesn't need additional connection to electricity.

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The jewellery forms  I obtained are example of the tool's capability. In the future, as the project will develop, I would like to create website to share blueprints of machine and various forms. Where the community of users could exchange their experiences and effects of re-shaping.




Cast aluminum
Oak wood
Brass details

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