MYKO creative space

In Warsaw’s city center there is an area reserved for a colony of Finish houses - a gift from Fins to Poland right after II WW. This well-preserved wooden cabins serves as center for 3rd sector cultural projects.

During summer 2017 I've become the director of one of the Finish houses. Together with friends from Academy of Fine Arts we’ve settle up a “Myko” collective.  We wanted to create a space inspiring people to unleash their creativity. For over three months it was a center for design, workshops and art connected with nature and the idea of sustainability. We’ve organised numerous events dedicated to the potential of natural techniques based on mushroom material growing, natural dyeing etc.

The program included visual art’s exhibitions to show how richness of our biological environment inspire the artists. We joined forces to share our admiration for underestimated kingdom of fungi - the beauty of colours and textures in microscopic scale and it’s unexpected properties.