Natural material – Reishi fungus – stool

This project was based on the broad research about natural materials. I presented it results, in form of pecha-kucha.
Among all gathered information the most interesting for me was about Reishi fungus. It's the no. 1 healthiest fungi on earth, used in medicine to help cure and prevent diseases such as cancer and AIDS. On the other hand, it has properties of making dense structure of it's roots - mycelium. It also makes a strong and mechanically resistant "skin", that is also water and fire resistant.
The major role in this project plays natural material - wood shavings and mycelium. The minor role plays form of the stool itself. It was picked by me for experiments with properties of this material. Reishi isn't easy in growing. It needs specific moisture, temperature and very clean air. Before it form it's own "skin" it's very vulnerable to be killed by any molds in the air. Time of growing was 5-6 days.
Nevertheless fully functional object was created. The stool can be sit-on and stand-on! After drying, it surface doesn't smudge.
Beech wood

stolek _MG_5241_MG_5254

process and experiments