Experimental book “Fabels for Robots” by S. Lem


New approach to the form of a book, on the example of "Fable for Robots" (pol. Bajki Robotów) by Stanisław Lem. It's an reflection on the way we acquire information with new media such as internet and e-books and the impermanence of the information nowadays. I tried to transfer this customs of digital media into 100% analogue object, made of paper and metal. User prints out only the small amount of the book, let's say a chapter and rolls it into an adapter. Then he/she can scroll through the text, and throw it away later. Then print it again as needed. This way information "buffers" into the real world. The scroll fades out by the time, because it's printed on thermal paper, same kind as used in cash register.


DSC_0491DSC_0505 DSC_0613 kwarcowy myslaceDSC_0579